Brisbane Earthmoving – The Advantages of Keeping an Equipment Maintenance Record

Brisbane Earthmoving - The Advantages of Keeping an Equipment Maintenance Record
Brisbane Earthmoving – The Advantages of Keeping an Equipment Maintenance Record

Equipment such as earthmoving equipment, should always be kept well maintained. The maintenance of the equipment depends on the type of equipment and the working habits of the equipment. We cannot always own heavy construction equipment, since we can always hire them from companies like Brisbane earthmoving, who maintain their own equipment. Below are some of the advantages of maintaining equipment

  • Increases equipment up-time
  • Enhances efficiency when running
  • Reduces overall costs
  • Improves the lifespan of the equipment
  • Maintains the value of the equipment

Prevent expensive repair works from happening

Having an equipment maintenance record ensures that one locates and repairs small damages before they become big ones. This ensures that one can keep track of the repairs, ensuring that all the machines are in good working order.

Helps you create specialised maintenance programs

Different equipment requires different maintenance, since they all work under different conditions. Routine check-ups ensure that the records for each individual equipment is taken into consideration and added into the maintenance programs.

Prevent problems regarding warranty claims

It is easier to process warranty clams, in many cases, if one documents their maintenance or repair work.

It increases the safety of operators

There are less chances of malfunctioning machinery, which also means less accident. Many faulty machines are due to a poor maintenance record. Schedule and document inspections at the right time.

Helps you track who is accountable for a piece of equipment

Routine maintenance and documentation make it easier for the equipment owners to track down anyone that might be accountable for any damage to the equipment. Keeping equipment maintenance records encourages operators to take better care of the equipment.

It increases the resale value of the equipment

The resale value of the equipment is increased when one keeps detailed maintenance and repair records. It is a way of showing potential buyers that the equipment was well taken care of.

GWT Earthmoving

Owning and maintaining equipment such as earth movers is not something everyone can do, and yet the equipment are important when it comes to construction sites. Companies like GWT Earthmoving have come in to fill the void by hiring out the earthmoving equipment. The company is located in Queensland, and services all the suburbs in South East Queensland, providing reliable services to their clients. They have extensive knowledge of the equipment, and their highly qualified and experienced operators guarantee safety. The company also has all the required safety certificates and licences. Some of the equipment that GWT Earthmoving offers:

  • 3t to 32t Excavators
  • Bobcats
  • Backhoes
  • Graders
  • Bulldozers
  • 10m Tippers
  • Water Carts
  • Augers
  • Sweepers
  • Grabs
  • Hammers
  • Tilt Buckets
  • Rippers
  • Rollers

Some of the attachments they have for hire include:

  • Rock Breakers
  • Tilt Buckets
  • Augers
  • Rock Grabs
  • Sweepers
  • Pallet Forks
  • Spreader Bars
  • Compaction Wheel
  • Rippers
  • Screening Buckets
  • Post Hole Borers


It is important to make sure that all equipment is kept well maintained, and that a suitable maintenance program is followed for each piece of equipment. It is also important to document all the records for some of the reasons mentioned above. That is what well known equipment hire companies like GWT Earth moving do.