Demolition Contractors Near Me – Ways to Demolish a Building

Demolition Contractors Near Me – Ways to Demolish a Building

When buildings are being demolished, there are many factors that dictate how they will be demolished. Some of these factors include the location of the buildings, the materials used to build, the reasons why they are being demolished, and how the debris will be disposed. There are many ways to demolish buildings, from blasting the buildings, to dismantling the building piece by piece. This is a very technical exercise, the reason why I would go for demolition contractors near me. in this article, we are going to look at ways to demolish a building.


Implosion is a demolition process that involves the use of explosives to bring down the vertical supports of a building, so that the building comes down from the inside out. Explosive charges are put in the building and then detonated in sequence. It usually works for large buildings found in urban areas. The demolition experts need to check the blueprint of the buildings in order to determine how they will be demolished, which includes the types of explosives to be used.

High Reach Arm

This is a demolition that works best for buildings going to a height of approximately 66 feet. It involves the use of a long demolition arm that extends from a base machine, such as an excavator. At the end of the arm, there is a demolition arm attached to it, which could be a crusher, shears, or a hammer, breaking the building from the top down. Considered safer than traditional demolition methods, this method works on reinforced concrete, masonry, steel, and mixed-material structures and is considered to be safer than traditional wrecking ball demolition for removing tall buildings.

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking ball demolition, or crane and ball demolition, has been there for a long time, working best for concrete and other masonry structures. The ball, which can weight up to 13,500 pounds, is hanged on a cable from a crane or other heavy equipment, and swung into the structure repeatedly. Larger buildings will need larger cranes and more working room. This is a dusty and noisy method with a lot of vibrations.

Selective Demolition

This is a method where the building materials can be recycled or reused. It involves the selective demolition of wood, brick, metals, and concrete, in the exterior or interior of a building. It aims at recovering as much reusable or recyclable material as possible, making it a cost effective method. recover the maximum amount of primary (reusable) and secondary (recyclable) material in a safe and cost-effective procedure. However, the process is labor-intensive and can be very difficult to achieve in a timely and economical manner for light-framed buildings.

Cub Demolition

Still on the topic of demolition, it is something that should only be done by professionals. Located in Newcastle, NSW, Cub Demolition is one demolition company you want to try out. They serve Newcastle and the surrounding areas, Lake Macquarie, New Lambton, Merewether, Wallsend, Mayfield, Charlestown, Belmont & Warners Bay. Having been in the industry for 4 years, Cub Demolition is fully insured and licensed to handle both big and small jobs. They aim at creating long term relationships founded on integrity, performance, value, and client satisfaction. Their services include:

  • Demolition Services – the company offers both residential and commercial demolition services.
  • Excavation Services – this are services that involve moving earth for things like pools, driveways, and other things.
  • Asbestos Removal – when asbestos isn’t carefully removed or maintained, it could pose serious health problems. CUB test the asbestos for any dangerous substances and then remove it accordingly.


The demolition methods that are mentioned above are the most commonly used ones. They should only be done by professionals such as Cub Demolitions, since they are dangerous and could cause harm to both people and property.