Local Demolition Contractors – Choosing the Right Construction Company for Your Project

Local Demolition Contractors – Choosing the Right Construction Company for Your Project

Owning a piece of real estate is every person’s dream. We can either do this by purchasing a house or building that is already complete, or by buying a piece of land and then constructing the building ourselves. This can also mean buying a building, demolishing it partially, or whole, and then building or modifying to suit our preferences. Local demolition contractors can get this done for those that wish to demolish and rebuild or renovate. In this article, we are going to look at some tips for choosing the right construction company for your project.

Licensed and Insured

You need to make sure that the construction company that you’re thinking of awarding your project is licensed. They should be licensed professionals that can get the project completed professionally, ensuring that it is completed successfully and within the law.

Project Timeline

The company being awarded the project should have a realistic timeline within which to complete the project. This should be broken down into milestones so that it is easier for you to know at what stage and time everything is supposed to be done. Stay clear of companies with unrealistic timelines.


How experienced is the company? Companies that have been in the construction game for longer tend to do better jobs, and they make one feel more comfortable entrusting them with the job, especially if they have a portfolio of previous work that you can check out.


The cost of the project is one of the most important thing to consider when choosing a company. You should steer away from companies that offer rates that are way lower than their competitors, since chances are that they might use cheaper materials of lower quality.

Reputation and recommendations

It is important to go for a local construction company, and one which you have investigated. You can ask about them from other people and companies that have used their services, and also check out some of their previous jobs. Ask people about their experiences with the company, whether they enjoyed working with them, and can work again with them, given the chance.

CUB Demolition

It is good to get a review of companies before enlisting their services, like we have just mentioned above. In the event that you live in Newcastle, Australia, and the surrounding areas such as Lake Macquarie, New Lambton, Merewether, Wallsend, Mayfield, Charlestown, Belmont & Warners Bay, and you want to do demolitions to pave way for more rooms, or buildings, you might want to consider hiring Cub Demolition. This is a company with over four years of experience in the industry, making them experienced and reliable. They believe in integrity, performance, value, and client satisfaction, creating long-term relationships with their clients. They are fully insured and fully licensed for demolition jobs, big or small, some of their services being:

  • Demolition Services – they offer both residential and commercial demolition services.
  • Excavation Services – which are services that involve moving earth for things like pools, driveways, and other things.
  • Asbestos Removal – when asbestos isn’t carefully removed or maintained, it could pose serious health problems. CUB test the asbestos for any dangerous substances and then remove it accordingly.


One has to be very careful when choosing a construction company to do their projects, or else they could end up getting a shoddy job, and even being in trouble with the law. Companies like CUB Demolition come with all of their licensing, are experienced, and are well-equipped for the job.