Newcastle Demolition Services – Hazardous Materials Commonly Encountered on Demolition Sites

Newcastle Demolition Services – Hazardous Materials Commonly Encountered on Demolition Sites

Demolitions are usually part of a construction site, places that are prone to a lot of hazard. These are places where extreme care has to be taken so that tragedies can be avoided. Only qualified personnel should be allowed on construction sites, and whenever there are visitors, the visitors should always be accompanied by authorized personnel. It is also important to ensure that all safety measures are taken while on the site, and even the surrounding areas. That is the reason why Newcastle demolition services should be given to professionals that know exactly what they are doing. In this article, we are going to look at hazardous materials that are commonly found on demolition sites.


When inhaled, asbestos is a root cause of lung conditions. This means that it can be absolutely devastating. It is only harmful when it is airborne, meaning that when it is ground it can cause problems.

Synthetic Mineral Fibre (SMF)

Synthetic mineral fibre is usually Often used as an insulation or as a reinforcing agent. It is the replacement to asbestos, some of the materials being manmade, and including glass fibre, mineral wool and ceramic fibre. They cause mild health conditions such as skin irritation, and upper respiratory tract irritation.

Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB)

This is an insulating fluid for electrical transformers and capacitors that present in many older electrical systems. When it is decomposing, it is known to produce hazardous bi-products that are associated with some serious health conditions like thyroid disorders and birth defects.

Lead paint

Lead paint is known to become harmful when it dusts or chips, resettling on carpets, floors and even soil for decades. These particles can poison the nervous system, as well as intellectual and physical disabilities in children.

Ozone Depleting Substances

ODS are manmade chemicals that have contributed to the depletion of the ozone layer, and hence the atmosphere. This means that they should be properly removed and disposed of. ODS are brought about by things like air conditioning units, fire extinguishers, and industrial cleaning products.


Mould is the cause of a number of health conditions such as watery eyes, asthma, breathing difficulties, and even depression, depending on the variety. It is important to get rid of mould that grows in cool, dark, and damp places.

CUB Demolition

One of the best ways of avoiding the dangers that can be found on construction sites is by letting the professionals handle any construction or demolition activities. This is because they are experienced and know all the safety measures that need to be undertaken. One of the companies that can get your demolition done in the event that you’re from Newcastle, Australia, or the surrounding areas such as Lake Macquarie, New Lambton, Merewether, Wallsend, Mayfield, Charlestown, Belmont & Warners Bay, is Cub Demolition. Coming with more than 4 years’ experience in the industry, Cub Demolition target integrity, performance, value, and client satisfaction, creating long-term relationships with their clients. They are fully insured and fully licensed for demolition jobs, big or small. Among the services that they provide for their customers include:

  • Demolition Services – they offer both residential and commercial demolition services.
  • Excavation Services – which are services that involve moving earth for things like pools, driveways, and other things.
  • Asbestos Removal – when asbestos isn’t carefully removed or maintained, it could pose serious health problems. CUB test the asbestos for any dangerous substances and then remove it accordingly.


There are many more hazardous materials that are found on demolition sites that we should be on the lookout for. The best way to deal with them is by letting experienced veterans like Cub Demolition handle any demolition work, since they will get rid of those materials.